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Our Philosophy

Celtic Product Development Ltd design & develop energy saving and environmentally friendly products.

CPD Ltd is about innovation, progression and vision. Whether we can aid your business, or help you develop a new product, our philosophy and approach always display our commitment and passion to our clients.

Our Mission

Celtic Product Development Ltd is a Galway based industrial design and manufacturing company that grew out of the desire to create innovative products for the home and working environments.

Our products are Guaranteed Irish, Award Winning, Innovative & Patent Protected as well as creating jobs in Ireland.

What We Do

Our company can provide assistance in IP protection such as utility patent, design patent, and trademark applications. CPD Ltd can also design and procure product tooling such as injection/compression moulds, die-casting tools, sand casting patterns, progressive dies, etc.
We can carry out product design evaluation, manufacturing and quality assurance programs, and serial production product or component inspection.

Our Team

Senior management have over forty five years experience in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, not only can we bring our own unique products to market but also can aid other companies or individuals with their products from conception to production.

Joe Goodfellow

New Product Design & Development

Over 45 yrs experience in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering working for companies such as Digital, APC, and C & F Tooling where responsibilities included new product design & development.

Carmel Goodfellow

Production Planning/ Scheduling

Carmel has been a director in a manufacturing company for over 8 years prior to helping found CPD Ltd. She also worked with Sotheby's International Realty and Combined Insurance, gaining extensive experience in sales and marketing. Her current responsibilities in CPD Ltd are Marketing, Production planning, and component procurement.

Celtic Product Development Ltd